Delarom Paris - Eye Contour Pro-Cellular Serum

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When it comes to our complexions, the team here at The Amazing Blog are vigilant in terms of skincare. However, sometimes our eye area can take a back-seat. While we’re using our fancy facial oils and serums, we shouldn't forget about eye treatments as well. With the Eye Contour Pro-Cellular Serum from Delarom Paris, it’s easy for us to take care of our eyes and prevent signs of ageing.

The serum is rich and gentle, which is an important aspect in any product, but even more so when dealing with the delicate eye area. Patted in both morning and night, the silky serum makes skin feel smoother instantly with no fear of irritation. The design of the bottle is simple and neutral, but the serum ingredients speak for themselves in terms of impact. The power duo of Juvenessence and IRIS, along with other natural active ingredients, work together to moisturise and revitalise skin. Although effective, it’s gentle enough for every skin type and helps to illuminate your eyes throughout the day, while bringing maximum anti-ageing benefits. 

With this new wonder product in our arsenal, we'll surely never neglect our eye area again. Pick up your own pro-cellular serum here for £45.