Dermo28 Skincare

Italian formula Dermo28 for skin and eye care has already carved its niche with The Amazing Blog. The four products that caught our eye (excuse the pun!) are the Dermo28’s Eye Complex an eye treatment for wrinkle reduction; the Recovery Cream which is a sensitive skin soothing cream; Cream Acida a pH balancing treatment and Regolatore pH a pH balancing toner. Dermo28's name was chosen carefully, as 28 is the number of days it takes for cells to regenerate.

Dermo28’s Eye Complex is a favourite eye treatment pick for wellness enthusiasts. The presence of vitamin C in its plant form is characterised to restore firmness and compactness to the sensitive skin around the eye area. High traces of aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5 provide optimal moisturisation and soothing to the area. Using this eye cream will make the eyes relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for an eventful day and offering a peaceful sleep available at £54 for 15ml.

Recovery Cream is a highly sensitive skin friendly cream, which is devoid of all allergens. It is a handy skin-nurturing package for all kinds of skin irritation, soothing, protection and nourishment. We love the silky feel and the fragrance. The key ingredients are ceramides, argan oil and liquorice extracts, together with vitamin E and C, olive oil and allantoina which is for elasticising, soothing and moisturising. Available for £59 for 50ml.

Crema Acida and Regolatore pH are two products designed to work in tandem. A perfect combination that addresses blemished skin by refreshing and rebalancing. Designed to restore the skin's natural acidity level and rebalance pH levels.  The Cream Acida is the first step, apply after thoroughly cleansing the skin, smoothing a thin layer onto the face. It contains a combination of vitamin C and E, hydraterm and hyaluronic acid. It also has cypress for soothing, shea butter and lemon balm for their moisturising qualities. After a minute allowing it to sink in, it is then cleansed off with the Regolatore pH balancing toner, which calms any irritation and corrects the acidity levels in the skin preventing any bad bacteria. Again this contains ingredients of vitamin C with hyderaterm and hyaluronic acid, which work together with succinct acid for detoxifying and an antioxidant effect; the cypress extracts create a stimulating effect for microcirculation. Purchase the Crema Acida in 75ml for £50 and the Regolatore pH in 200ml for £40.

Only tested on humans

The Dermo28 range has something for everyone and is a brand that offers solutions for almost every skincare issue.