Divine Herbal - Hair Repair Treatment

As much as we love our jobs here at The Amazing Blog, there are times, as in any line of work, where stress gets the best of us. Short of pulling out our own hair, we often find that our locks suffer the effects as much as we do. For this reason, we were so pleased to discover Divine Herbal’s Hair Repair Treatment, which made our hair feel thicker, softer and lusher in no time at all.

Packed with rich, antioxidant oils like Avocado Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Olive Oil, this is the perfect treatment for maintaining silky smooth tresses. Just a few drops from the glass bottle are enough to soften the hair and help repair the damage done by heat styling. Guilty of this, we were keen to put the oil to the test. A pipette of the elixir smoothed onto the hair and washed out after a couple of hours gave a deep conditioning treatment that most salons would be envious of. With no artificial ingredients or silicons, it provides a wonderful boost of nutrients and moisture to your hair, leaving it looking healthy, soft, and a lot more manageable after a stressful week!

Treat your hair to a boost of natural beauty with Divine Herbal’s Hair Repair Treatment. Grab the treatment here  for £20.99.