Eat and Drink Festival 2018

eat and drink festival.jpg

Self-professed foodie or not, The Eat and Drink Festival has a little something to satisfy every taste bud. We here at The Amazing Blog have to admit that we can never turn down an event that brings together mouth-watering cuisines from around the world all into one place, so when we found out that the festival was returning for its second year at Olympia London; we had to let everyone know.

Now we all love going to the outdoor market to get lunch or a snack on a regular basis, but what makes The Eat and Drink Festival a unique experience that’s worth your while has to be The Foodie Stage; a live cooking demonstration from renowned chefs and food experts. Get ready to up your own skill set as they let you in on their own culinary secrets and their top tips to impress at your next dinner party.


Their Late Night Thursdays boast the country’s top street food vendors and music from up and coming local musicians until 9pm, so you can dance a bit before indulging on more delicious treats. The irresistible aromas from each vendor will make it hard to resist going back for seconds or thirds. Of course every good meal needs a drink to compliment it, so head on over next to The Drinks Station to find your signature cocktail, while you pick up some tips on how to pair a meal with the perfect drink. You can also take home some fresh produce and handmade products at their Artisan Producers’ Market to try your hand at crafting a food masterpiece of your own. 

 The Eat and Drink Festival comes back to London from the 17th of March to the 2nd of April, so don’t miss out! They’re open daily from 10am to 6pm (except on Late Night Thursdays). Tickets are available here starting as little as £14 for adults on weekdays, with free admittance for children 15 and under.