Enzyme Cleanser - Babor

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to give a little treatment to our skin and get it prepared to face a cold Winter. Babor has invented an original Enzyme Cleanser to refresh our skin.

Cleansing CP is a range of products in which you can find the Enzyme Cleanser, a unique fine-grained cleansing powder. This 75g elegant bottle is full of beneficial ingredients for you skin. It contains Enzymes and Vitamin C which have an exfoliating and revitalising effect on skin. The quirky cleanser is not like usual creams as it comes in a powder form. To mix the cleanser simply place a small amount of powder in your hand and add warm water the product transforms into a foamy lather. Apply generously all over the face and neck areas allowing the product to work and rinse off with water. During this time the formula acts to promote the skin’s natural impulse to regenerate, leaving a refreshed and refined appearance. Additionally, the subtilisin and lipase help remove all dead superficial skin cells.

This magical powder can be used twice a day, mornings and evenings and is recommended for use witth all skin types. The cleanser should be used as part of a full face routine to gain the full benefits.

Experience the new way of Cleansing by Babor - you can purchase the product here for £ 19.00.