Macadamia & Myrrh Luxe Body Oil - Siskyn

During the summer, the mix of sunbathing, social events and mini-skirts means our skin tends to have an enviable natural glow, and the rest of the year it can easily become dull and dry. Here at The Amazing Blog we tend to turn to natural based remedies to seek help and luckily we’ve found Siskyn’s body oils.

Siskyn is a skincare brand, using natural botanical oils to treat all types of skin issues, from dry and dull to oily, and acne prone skin. The product that we have tried is from their Luxe range, the blend is for everyday skin luxury and is formed of three products; night face oil, day face oil and the body oil, which we tried. Made up of an impressive 18 natural oils,  the formula works quickly to provide deep moisturisation. Macadamia and Myrrh Luxe Body oil; the formulas leading oils work alongside Boabab to tone the skin and help maintain its elasticity. The glass bottle comes with two different spray tips to apply, once on the skin rub the oil evenly, and allow it to soak in. After around ten minutes the oil leaves a non-greasy layer, where the skin feels silky smooth to touch with a gorgeous, delicate floral scent. We love the glow the oil creates, the skin instantly achieves a healthy radance and as the oil sits in any cracks or wrinkles the skin appears youthful. We recommend using this at the end of your beauty routine before you leave for a summer shine all year round.

Nourish and nurture your skin with Siskyn’s Luxe Macadmaia & Myrrh Body oil available here for £34.