Essential Exfoliating Gel - Katherine Daniels

We all know that exfoliating can be a great way to renew and reveal radiant skin. Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to exfoliate, but we also don’t want to use harsh and abrasive products that may damage our delicate skin. For those of you who are looking for a gentle solution, Katherine Daniels offers the Essential Exfoliating Gel.

This gel-textured, non-abrasive formula gently removes dead skin cells using AHAs from Red Algea. We applied a thin layer of this gel, and after a few minutes it melted into a super soft oil that could easily be massaged into the skin. After washing it off, we’re left with radiant and glowing complexions! Use it once or twice per week to give your skin a gentle but effective boost.

Transform your complexion with the Essential Exfoliating Gel for £25 here.