Face Masks by 7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a brand all of us at The Amazing Blog have fond memories of. They were the brand you would buy for sleep overs as a child, then as you got older for nights in with friends and a bottle of wine. They have a wide range of masks available and all of them are fun, affordable and effective7th Heaven very kindly sent us a diverse selection of their products to the office and let me tell you, it has been a fun week of selfies and fabulous skin.

What we really love about 7th Heaven is the variety of products they offer. Whatever you are looking for they are bound to have it. They have sheet masks, mud sheet masks, peel off masks, thermal masks, and the classic mud masks. Each mask informs you if it is natural or safely man made (meaning minimal chemicals and all non-harsh.) 7th Heaven has been going strong for over 30 years now, and have always been dedicated to standing against animal testing. They are a founding member of the Cosmetics Industry Coalition of Animal Welfare and are incredibly proud that all their products are cruelty-free.

It was hard to pick a favourite, so instead, we narrowed it down to our top three. From the peel-off masks – which are endlessly fun – we loved the Cucumber Peel Off Mask which deeply cleansed and refreshed the skin. From the traditional mud pack collection, we particularly enjoyed the Avocado Oil Mask which exfoliated our faces as well as moisturised them. We particularly enjoyed the Hot Spring Sauna Masque, which had an unusual warming sensation we could really get behind and would definitely use again. This pack employed volcanic minerals to gently warm and exfoliate the face. Everyone in the office has loved the growth in sheet mask’s popularity, so the combination of the traditional mud pack with this new craze instantly intrigued us and left our skin feeling smoother and more nourished.

You can purchase 7th Heaven products from a variety of places, including Boots for £1 per mask!