Boss Friction Hair Tonic - Fab Hair

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At the Amazing Blog, we appreciate a man who takes cares of himself and think that all boys should incorporate a regular grooming regime. We just received a new product from Fab Hair which we swiftly gave to our top boy Jose to test out for us.

The product that we received was the Boss Friction Hair Tonic which is specifically designed to stimulate any areas of thinning or receding hair. Jose told us that he applied it to both his hair and scalp and then combed it gently through. He then slowly massaged the tonic into his scalp, leaving it for a few minutes to absorb.  What he particularly liked was the fragrance (subtly warm and spicy) and the feel (a slightly tingly sensation). Jose commented that It left his hair smooth and easier to manage.

Fab Hair specialises in premium professional haircare products for men, with a collection of six hair tonics to choose from, each having its own refreshing fragrance. The theory is that by regularly using a hair tonic in your grooming regime, you'll see an improvement in your hair as the tonic absorbs into your roots to stimulate hair growth giving you healthier hair and scalp.  

 Keep your hair in good condition and grab this hair tonic here for £4.99 for the 100ml.