Friday Favourites - New and Unusual Workouts

Are you tired of the same workout day after day? Here at The Amazing Blog some of us struggle to fit in a daily workout with our busy schedules. Plus, we get tired of following the same routine. In order to spice up our exercise routine and convince ourselves that working out CAN be fun, we have discovered some new and unusual workouts for everyone to try.

Yoga has become so popular nowadays that even dogs want to join in. Originating from the USA, yoga activates your pooch’s parasympathetic nervous system and can help relieve your loyal friend of his or her stress. Of course, the owner will be right there practising alongside their pups, performing a set of Hatha yoga poses while the dogs roam around and participate when they choose to. This series of yoga postures are inclined to incorporate canine massage, yogic stretches, chanting, breathing and lots of cuddles. Plus, who doesn’t want to work out with their best friend?

Mahny Djahanguiri started Dogamahny, running weekly classes in Fulham and teaching private Paw to Paw classes for all sizes, breeds and ages of dogs. If you’ve always wanted to work out with your pup, then check out Dogamahny’s website to sign up for some doga classes.

If you’re obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing like we are, then you might want to check out Swing Patrol. It’s a community of over 1,000 dancers, teachers, staff and volunteers that hold over 40 weekly classes at 34 venues across London. They put on weekly Lindy Hop and Blues social dances and they have swing balls in London and around the United Kingdom. They even host an annual London Swing Festival and a Blues Baby Blues Festival. Go online and search for classes in your area. It’s time to turn back those time machines and dance like it’s 1920!

For those of you who consider dancing at clubs your only exercise, we have the perfect workout for you. Ravercise is a HIIT cardio dance with a live DJ playing energising bass music. It’s a fun and healthy way to enjoy underground music during the week. Classes are choreographed by professional dancers and include an interval training cardio workout. Plus, you get to socialise with friends and meet people that enjoy the same music as you! Head on over to the website of this low-lit club dance floor in Shoreditch and sign up.

If you’re looking to loosen up a little bit, try Barrecore. It is a series of movements designed to stretch every muscle group in your body. Each workout targets a major muscle group, integrating the fat-burning format of interval training with static stretches for muscle relief. Using a ballet barre, your own body weight and strength training exercises, your muscles become longer, stronger, leaner and more flexible. Think of it as an intense cardio ballet class. For more information on Barrecore classes, you can look at the website and decide if you want to sign up.

With the holidays right around the corner, I think it’s time we get healthy, try something new and have fun while doing it!