Lindsey's Christmas Wish List

This the season to eat, drink and be merry! Like most, Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year. During the holiday season, I truly enjoy indulging in the most pleasurable pastimes: eating sweets, browsing for new beauty products and attending fabulous holiday parties. Although I’ve already been out and about shopping for the perfect gifts to give to my friends and family, I have compiled a small list of some things I would love to see in my stocking this season. Whether it be food, skincare or make-up, these products would make the end of 2014 nearly perfect.

The holidays are just the right time to allow yourself a few extra sweets than usual. Thankfully, Merangz is offering a limited edition gift pack of tasty treats for Christmas. The Christmas Decadence Bites package features a selection of six festive flavours: brandy soaked fruit Christmas Pudding, Irish Whisky Gold, Dark Chocolate and Sicilian Orange, Vanilla Sherry Trifle, Chocolate and Cherry and finally, Peppermint Dark Chocolate.

Though my go-to choice for a bite-sized sweet is usually a macaroon, I was pleasantly surprised with the unique flavour selection this company was offering for the holidays so I decided to give Merangz a try. My initial reaction after trying these treats was shock—I did not expect them to taste so light and airy! The mallowy centre allows the treats to be enjoyed with no regrets. I did not feel guilty after eating them because unlike most sweets, they didn’t taste so heavy. The unique flavours and delicious taste of this collection made it impossible to just have one. Treat yourself this Christmas or purchase Merangz as a gift for a loved one online for £5.95 per box.

Holidays mean one thing and one thing only…party time! This season, I’m planning on attending a number Christmas parties, along with a big New Years celebration. When it comes to themed parties, I like to go all out with my make-up. My make-up routine for special occasions usually consists of a bold smokey eye paired with a bold lip. This year, I am looking for a lip brand that is chic, affordable and long lasting. Luckily, Couleur Caramel sent us samples of lipstick, because one I tried this product I knew I had found my New Year lip shade. Take a look at the lipstick along with a range of other make-up products on the Couleur Caramel website.

Drye Eye Gel small.jpg

Though the end result is fabulous, taking all of my make-up at the end of a long night tends to be a pain. Sometimes, I even fall asleep with it on! This unfortunately causes irritation around my eyes, which is why I’ve included Dry Eye Gel on my wish list. This product is a natural gel that includes a plant extract of Cardiospermum which is sure to soothe and heal any unwanted irritation. The gel has been tested on those who suffer from eye allergies as well, making the development of the product extremely gentle with the skin, which I find essential for around the eye skincare. Dry Eye Gel costs £6.95 for the 15ml and is available from Skinshop

Another product which I'm always on the lookout for at this time of year is the perfect perfume. We were so excited when The Perfume Studio sent us this Design Your Own Fragrance - The Ultimate Collection set. No longer will I have to hunt for my favourite fragrance - with this thoughtful kit, I can just make it myself! The set contains a collection of base, middle and top note scents, as well as pipettes, an atomiser and a beautiful perfume bottle. With the huge range of aromas to pick from, including Amber base notes, and Fruity top notes I can make a bespoke fragrance for any occasion. You can buy The Perfume Studio's beautiful Design Your Own Fragrance - The Ultimate Collection here for £95.