Friday Feature: London Marathon Inspired Fitness

If you are anything like us at The Amazing Blog, then the fact that the London Marathon is this Sunday has inspired you to up your fitness game! While it is too late to actually take part and run in this year’s marathon there are still tonnes of cool and exciting ways to get fit this April. We’ve put together a list of great classes that will have you beach body ready for those summer plans, or have you fulfilling any resolutions you made at the beginning of the year that may have slipped your mind! The key to fitness success is to enjoy what you’re doing and we are sure that one of the classes below will inspire you to get active, and more importantly, stay active.


First on our list is 1Rebel, which you may recognise from your favourite fitness social media accounts or shows such as Made in Chelsea.

We recommend their ‘reshape’ classes which are 45 minutes of mental and physical intensity. It is an intensive group experience that is designed to condition and re-sculpt selected muscle groups. Their website says that ‘their patented 1R workout platform will help mould your body and break your barriers.’ This is an understatement, within a few sessions those wobbly arms and jiggly thighs will be gone. You are given your own workstation with dumbbells, resistance bands and a treadmill. You spend four minutes doing squats, chest presses, frog jumps and more before jumping on the treadmill for another four minutes to do interval sprints. With each set, the intensity increases, and with each the session, the effects are more and more noticeable.

What we really love about these classes is that while you work harder than you ever have before they’ll make the experience as easy as possible. There is no contract to sign and you simply go online and pay as you go. 1Rebel will provide you with towels, water and even makeup remover meaning that all you need to bring is yourself and a change of clothes. With a beautiful décor, you’ll feel like a celeb going to this gym. The changing rooms are fitted with copper lockers that look like something out of a sci-fi film, the benches are heated, and the vanity area is a dream with hair dryers, GHD straighteners and endless beauty products. Once you’ve worked out and done yourself up again, you can head to their bar upstairs called Roots and Bulbs for a delicious and nutritious juice or smoothie, or a free glass of prosecco on Fridays. It’s wonderful to feel so pampered after you’ve worked so hard and is a real incentive to keep going back.

Book your first class here and thank us later!

If you are looking for something a little different and quirky then Flying Fantastic’s Hoop Class is the fitness session for you! Classes take place on the Aerial Hoop, which is a circular steel ring, providing the perfect structure for your acrobatic moves. Flying Fantastic believes in inclusivity so whatever your ability or experience – from novice to Olympic gymnast – they will be able to cater to you and help you get the best from your experience. Each class has a ratio of 2 people per hoop and there are only ever 7 people per instructor so you know you’ll be getting the best out of this class.

The classes will have you progressively working on your core muscles and balance by focusing on developing your strength, stamina and flexibility. Core muscles are essential for executing the moves with confidence, so it helps if you have good core stability beforehand, but if not don’t worry as these will develop! The Hoop classes are an amazing way to hone your upper body muscle groups, so as well as a better range of motion and flexibility, you’ll have Michelle Obama arms in no time.

This is a perfect class for those who don’t take exercise too seriously, or are looking for a way to jazz up their fitness routine, all the while still working hard to develop your bodies.  
You can get involved here with an introductory offer of 3 classes for just £45

For all the swim buffs reading then do we have the perfect class for you!! Virgin Active has created an amazingly intensive, hour-long, swim session called hydro. The fast moving class combines full body training with expert coaching. Due to the weightless nature of the pool based exercise, this a brilliant way to push your body without straining your joints making this ideal for those with either joint problems or recovering from an injury.

This class is not for the faint-hearted, though, burning 400-600 calories a session, you have to be able to swim a minimum of 100m to join in. The Hydro class will push you both physically and mentally! Whether you are looking to train for an event or just on the hunt for a great and challenging workout, you’ll tone up, build strength and endurance, and improve your technique. Coaches will help you tackle a variety of exciting speed and distance challenges while using a variety of different strokes. 53 Virgin Active clubs run Hydro - so no excuses! 

1Rebel Reshape class, Flying Fantastic Hoop Class or a Hydro swimming session - which one will you choose?