Friday Favourites - Home Fragrance Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog we know how much of an impact the smell of a room can have on the overall atmosphere it provides. Whether it be a candle, a spray or a diffuser, we feel that the way a space smells directly affects the attitudes of the people in it. That being said, to assist you in creating the perfect atmosphere for your space, we have complied a list of some of our top three home fragrances. After hours spent drifting away into a fragrance induced trance, we’ve decided True Grace Room Sprays, Gli Oli and Illumens are the prefect brands that will keep your home and office smelling just delightful.

First, we tried out two sprays from True Grace. The Seashore – No.26 spray is a very light and fresh fragrance. Seashore, as the name suggests, is designed to provoke happy memories of the seaside. With Moss and Amber base notes, the earthy scent is easily detected but is then balanced with geranium and neroli top notes. In complete contrast, the company also provides the scent of Black Lilly – No. 31. This product will give off more of a dark, heady fragrance, rich in ingredients such as Vanilla, Amber, White Pepper and Jasmine. Although this may seem like an unusual mix, it makes the scent diverse and perfect for cosy nights during the colder months.

Made in the UK, True Grace room sprays are unusual and diverse, and here at The Amazing Blog we can’t get enough.

Both Black Lily – No. 31 and Seashore – No. 26 are available for purchase here

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Next on our list is a company that has truly perfected the art of scent. Gli Oli sent us their Patchouli diffuser, providing our office with a gorgeous blend of Patchouli, Frankinscense, Ylang – Ylang, Cypress and Sweet Orange. Traditionally used in Asia, this heady fragrance has a sweet yet musky aroma which is ultimately cosy, giving the scent warmth and making it ideal for the winter as well. Though the key note within the diffuser is patchouli (as the name suggests), the ylang-ylang acts as a bridge between the spicy and strong mixed fragrances that the diffuser contains, creating a refreshing, fruity, and spicy scent. What an excellent combination!

You can purchase the Patchouli diffuser here for £45. Other Gli Oli products are offered in a large selection of various scents here as well.

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Not as familiar with the spray or diffuser fragrance techniques? Not to worry, because we received a candle from the Illumens Winter Collection, and needless to say…it was indeed like Christmas in October!

We burned the Juniper & Spruce candle in our office for about six hours, and the smell never faded. Each time we re-entered the room, we were reminded of how blissful the experience of burning a Illumens candle can truly be.

Though we received the Juniper & Spruce candle, Illumens also offers the Votive Candle Set, complete with Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Fig and Ginger. No matter what kind of scent you are looking for, this package will provide endless fragrance opportunities for your space.

Visit the Illumens website here and browse their delightful collection!

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