Victor Rejuvenating Serum - Walker Johnston

Any skincare routine worth its salt will contain at least one product to protect skin against premature ageing. It’s imperative to protect skin from free radicals and UV rays if we want to remain looking youthful and not let our skin betray our years, or worse make us look older than we are. As such, all of us here at The Amazing Blog have a product that we swear by – in fact it has often led to disagreements over which moisturiser, serum or essence is superior, but we can all agree that Victor Rejuvenating Serum can do no wrong for male skin. With no harsh smells, chemicals or animal testing, Walker Johnston has created a male skincare line that matches the standards of women’s products while meeting the specific needs and concerns that male skin has. 

The serum we used is a multi-tasking proprietary complex designed for intense epidermal rejuvenation and reducing visible signs of ageing. By preventing free radical damage, the serum helped guard skin against the development of fine lines, contributed to retaining skin’s firmness and elasticity and left skin looking plumper and feeling firmer.  

Walker Johnston is a British company that makes their products in New Zealand, using the best ingredients that nature of the region offers. With 74% of the serum being made from organic ingredients, including Black Fern ‘Mamaku’ from New Zealand and Hydrolyzed Keratin, the product is full of natural goodies to help skin look and feel its best. 

As Father's day approaches, this serum makes an excellent gift and is one guaranteed to help keep you father's looking his best for as long as possible.  You can purchase the serum here for £44.95