Gourmet Spirulina

Here at The Amazing Blog we love discovering a product that is the first of its kind, which is why we asked to receive Gourmet Spirulina, the first and only raw spirulina in the UK.

Spirulina was a traditional food of the Aztecs and the Kanem. The microscopic equatorial algae, grown in small-scale hydroponic farms, are now mostly used as a dietary supplement. However, Gourmet Spirulina offers you the opportunity to (re)discover this superfood in convenient food formats with great taste.

You can choose between the company’s nutty-tasting nibs, delicate petals or crisp crunches. Each of these contains a significant amount of iron, antioxidants and vitamins. Using raw Spirulina within a varied and balanced diet will improve your vigour and your health.

Just sprinkle the food on your dish or drink in a smoothie to reap the amazing, healthy benefits enjoyed for centuries. If you’re looking for more energy, these products will give you the boost you need to shine. You can purchase the products here for £12.95 each.