FITCH Brew Co - Cold Brew Coffee

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We are heading up to Yorkshire for The Amazing Blog this time - and happily so, for some of the best things come out of this glorious part of England AKA ‘God’s own country’, and we are never slow in jumping forward to celebrate it. But we aren’t talking ubiquitous puddings, or dales here, but coffee - deliciously smooth, and naturally sweet, cold brewed coffee to be exact! The secret of cold brewing we learn, is that it takes longer for the flavours and aromas to extract, and therefore keeps the acidity low. The Fitch Brew Co have taken this concept and added their own roasting technique and grind profiles to create a superb range of refreshing and totally delicious coffees for us all to enjoy.

Founded by young pioneers Andy and Emily who knew that there was more to soft drinks, more to flavour, more to brewing techniques and more to transparency! All coffee used in cold brew here is from using single origin, Rainforest Alliance coffee where they apply their own specific roast and grind profile. The cooler the water the slower the flavours and aromas will extract. It also has a limited acidity thus providing a naturally sweet and smooth taste. The names of each coffee are themselves a magnet for our tastebuds. Here are our favourite three: Coffee Infused With Sicilian Lemon, or perhaps the Blood Orange Infusion  will tempt you? Delve a little deeper and we find Dark Fortune Cold Brew Coffee with Amber Tonic which definitely gives a good zing! It is well worth checking out to see their full range, and to read the background story to this creative team, who also pride themselves on their sustainability through a collaboration with Bio-Bean to recycle their coffee waste into high performance products, displacing conventional fuels and chemicals.

Each coffee is brewed in-house, with all-natural ingredients, no refined sugar and all vegan friendly - giving every one of us a drop of Yorkshire magic in each can, along with the required caffeine hit to brace us for the morning. Each can is 330ml, and depending on the flavour, they range in price from £1.99 - £2.20, but let’s face it, none of us will be opting for ‘just the one’ option, so obviously there are multipacks at £8.50 for a pack of four cans. All the ranges and much more merchandise besides are available here.  



Boba Life - Bubble Tea

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Something odd just happened at my desk Amazing Blog readers, and we’d like to share the experience with you. The most wonderful parcel of deliciousness has literally exploded it’s fabulous lime green happiness all over the laptop, submerging the printer … even more happily the in-tray has been totally concealed, and thus silencing it’s never-ending ‘deal with me’ refrain. I do believe, the office has been ‘Boba-ed’ - who could have imagined that simply opening a box would bring about so much delight? If the marketing department at Boba Life  meant to get the place a buzz with the need to make a cup of tea, then they most definitely have a major success on their hands! Thankfully the kettle remained proudly aloft from all this glorious chaos, meaning we could all sink into the blissful indulgence of making a cup of tea.

However, this as you may already have gathered, is far from the usual dunking of a bag into some hot water - no, no, no, Boba are literally on a mission to transform our brewing regime, bringing a whole new dimension to the art of tea-making. Prepare to have your customary cuppa with a little bit more zing, and a whole load of zang arrive from now on in a whole new way. Bubble Tea has already proved a major hit on the High Street- and indeed is giving the coffee houses a run for their money, but thanks to this innovative idea from the team behind BobaLife, we can now replicate those same recipes and flavours in the comfort of our own homes, whilst trying out new options and combinations - even the traditional mug has been transformed into … well a bubble!

We received their Gift Set With the Matcha Green Tea, and the Milk Tea proved to be a major hit with all of us, once added to our choice of teabag - Jasmine was the favourite at this desk with Lychee running a close second, but the added fruit pearls made the libation simply extraordinary.And the opportunity to experiment and indulge seems inexhaustible when you start to delve deeper into the Boba story. There are gift and subscription boxes available as well as a whole host of cocktail additions to choose from, meaning that the relatively simple task of enjoying a Boba Tea is just the beginning!

There are of course a variety of bubble tea suppliers online and bubble tea bars on the High Street, but to experience the kind of happiness burst which greeted us this morning, we would suggest you check out The Boba Life Shop where all their magical concoctions can be salivated over. The Bubble Tea Starter kit of 12 drinks comes in around £24.50, containing far more than just teabags. If nothing else, the joy such a simple task will generate, will win you over instantly - the fact the end result is utterly delicious means we all end up smiling.

La Scolca Gavi - Bianco Secco


If like us at The Amazing Blog you enjoy the odd glass of Gavi, this one will be of particular interest. What we like about La Scolca Gavi is that it comes across a little heavier than most, in as much as it has the characteristic flourish and fruitiness of a usual Gavi. It is slightly deeper, with more body than one would expect, with its particularly long finish. Whilst that means it would be fantastic for the predictable pairing with fish or pasta dishes, we also found that it worked extremely well with chicken and soft cheese.

Unsurprisingly for a wine of the Piedmont Region, it performs brilliantly on the nose and has a fabulous breadth, as you work through the bottle (we did thorough research on this one as you would expect!) La Scolca Gavi responds well to oxygenation and humidity, which is extremely pleasing on the taste buds. We would compare it to a Nyetimber Champagne in that it sits within a classification which is steeped in snobbery as well as history, however, it’s capability is very good in those scenarios. Having said that, coming from the very first winery to be established in the heart of Rovereto, this truly is a Gavi Grande Cru, it’s pedigree speaks for itself.

Good wine merchants should be able to source a bottle or two of this delicious wine, and it’s well worth the hunt, especially to enjoy on a summer’s evening as the sun goes down. We suggest trying here, it won’t break the bank, but it will certainly make the party!


Open House - British Summer Time


In a city like London, one can get lost in the endless options of things to do. It’s almost unavoidable to become overwhelmed when deciding on plans. So, The Amazing Blog is here to help and put your mind at ease. Join us at the OPEN HOUSE in Hyde Park from Monday 9 July until Thursday 12 July. This four-day event is free to enter, and includes a free outdoor cinema, live music and activities!

With a wide variety of food, OPEN HOUSE’s street food market will satisfy all of your cravings, and importantly, will keep your spirits high with pop up bars, serving from 12 pm onwards. Each day, attendees can to partake in Birra Moretti’s “taste tour of Italy.” Additionally, Upswing, the aerial circus company, will have performances and workshops from 4pm-9pm. Every night has a themed movie with showings at 5:30 and 8:30 pm. You can expect free Wimbledon Championship screenings, from 12 pm onwards, without the hassle of a crowded bar. On Tuesday through Thursday, stop by the Royal Parks Showcase and hear daily talks, go to the plant sale or ask for advice.

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Here’s a breakdown of each day.


Starting on Monday, the event will kick off with family favourites: The Lego Movie (U) playing at 5:30 pm and Matilda (PG) at 8:30 pm. Live music will include Mister Kanish and Daytoner. Mister Kanish, a new artist on Open House’s line-up, began in 2008 and has since been mixing 90s style hip-hop, with folk and rock riffage. Afterwards, Daytoner will perform. Enjoy the sounds of baritone, sax, flute, keys, bass, drums and DJ.


There is no reason that you cannot enjoy everything that OPEN HOUSE has to offer over the course of the four days. On Tuesday, welcome Freddie & the Freeloaders and London Gay Big Band. Freddie & the Freeloaders received national recognition for the live shows and inspired interpretations of golden era Soul and Motown. London Gay Big Band is a jazz orchestra of predominately LGBT musicians and vocalists. Chickenshed’s Tales is collaborating with Brit School’s Community Arts Practice and will have performances at 10:30 am, 11:45 pm and 12:45 pm. All shows last about an hour. At night, watch our personal favourites – Grease (PG) at 5:30 pm and The Greatest Showman (PG) at 8:30 pm.


Can’t make it to Chickenshed’s performance on Tuesday? That’s OK! There will be three more performances at 10:30 am, 11:45 pm and 12:45 pm. Wednesday’s musical line-up invites back The London Gay Men’s Chorus, for the fourth year, and a new band to British Summer Time Hyde Park, Temple Funk Collective. Evening movie showings are Lion (PG) at 5:30 pm and The Grand Budapest Hotel (15) at 8:30 pm.


To wrap up the event, OPEN HOUSE is bringing back the 80s. If you’re a fan of classics, then Thursday night’s outdoor cinema is for you. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (PG) will show at 5:30 pm and Flash Gordon (PG) at 8:30. Dance the night away with House Gospel Choir and Old Dirty Brasstards.

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We hope to see you there! Comment below what part of the event you’re looking forward to most.  

Friday Favourites - Cookbooks

After a busy workday, cooking can be put on the back burner of our to-do list. We gravitate toward meals that are most easy and convenient, often eating the same foods over again. That’s why we have made it our mission to revitalize the way we perceive cooking by searching for cookbooks that are equally as unique as they are healthy. Say goodbye to monotonous cooking with the help of these four books, handpicked by The Amazing Blog.


Plant-based cooking has gained its popularity, but have you ever thought of incorporating flowers into your recipes? The Fragrant Pantry by Frances Bissell uses flowers as its main ingredient. While flowers are commonly featured as decoration in cookery, Bissell shows how its delicate scent and flavour can take the place of herbs or spices. Although this seems like an unconventional approach, don’t mistake it as a fad or fashion. Instead, Bissell pays homage to English culinary traditions through her use of flowers. Her recipes include jams, spreads and pickled foods with easy-to-follow instructions. You can purchase The Fragrant Pantry here for £11.99. To get a 20% discount use the discount code FRAGRANTP at purchase on the Serif Books website. 

Interested in more of Bissell’s recipes? Check out the other two volumes in her acclaimed trilogy: The Scented Kitchen and The Floral Baker.


Calling all Mediterranean lovers! Get prepared to transport yourself to Greece with Mazi Modern Greek Food’s vivid imagery and authentic dishes. Co-authors, Christina Mouratoglou and Adrien Carré’s goal are to revolutionise Greek cuisine by combining genuine flavours with a modern twist. The recipes are ingrained with a trendy tapas vibe and cover cocktails, hot plates, signature dishes and desserts. You can purchase the book here for £17.99.

The Herball - Front Cover FINAL.jpg

The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks by Michael Isted offers non-alcoholic plant-based drinks. Isted offers careful alchemy with each recipe that acts as cleansers, restorers, energisers, brain boosters and more.  The cookbook includes step-by-step directions in processes like hot & cold brewing, fermentation, distillation, juicing and tincturing. The first section provides a brief informational introduction to the plants used throughout the book and the second section includes 58 different recipes serving different functions for the body.   Isted uses ancient practices as the foundation of his creations. This guide brings purpose and intention to the kitchen by uniting intuitive and healthy eating. You can purchase The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks here for £12.90.


Whenever starting a new diet, snacking is an inevitable part of the process. Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell, founders of Squirrel Sisters, have created a range of all-natural bars that will satisfy your cravings. In their book, Naturally Snacks & Treats: Over 100 Healthy Recipes, the sister duo has formed over 70 recipes using ingredients found at your local supermarket. The on-the-go snack is easy, convenient, and accessible. The Tyrrell sisters reassure their readers that eating healthily can be fun! Recipes range from sweet roasted almond and cinnamon butter to sushi rolls.The beautifully illustrated book is separated into four chapters where you will find breakfast recipes, snacks and lunches for on-the-go, sharing plates and, our favourite, sweet treats. Cocktail-lovers will even find low-calorie options. We can’t wait to try more recipes. You can purchase your own book here for £9.99.  


Let us know what your favourite recipes are!