Green Cola

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Staying green and eating well is of the utmost importance for all of us at The Amazing Blog, but our downfall is often the drinks we have. It’s so easy to forget about the chemicals and added sugar that exists in your favourite fizzy drink. Thankfully there is a new must-have drink to cure your cravings and be a healthy choice; Green Cola. 

With the delicious and refreshing taste of your favourite cola brand, Green Cola has no sugar, aspartame, phosphoric acid or preservatives. It is sweetened with Stevia, and even the caffeine is naturally sourced from green coffee beans. This drink is the result of years of work on behalf of the company. Beginning in 2012, they worked tirelessly with their developers and nutrition experts to remove the chemicals found in most low-calorie soft drinks. Their one rule was not to sacrifice on taste, and they have achieved it as Green Cola tastes no different from your usual diet cola drink. In fact, in 2015 Green Cola was awarded New Product of The Year in Greece, where it all began, and has become the healthier preferred drink chosen by millions all over the world. 

If this sounds like your new favourite drink, you can purchase a pack of 6 for £3.59 on your next Ocado order here or it's available on