The Hyaluronic Complex by Potion London

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At The Amazing Blog, we are delighted to share our most recent discovery: Potion London’s Hyaluronic Complex. Potion London is a British healthcare brand that produces health and beauty supplements that will not only complement and improve your skin but promote a sense of wellbeing too. We first heard about them when they won an award with the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards in  2017.

The Hyaluronic Complex we are featuring today is formulated to help make you even more beautiful from within. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and MSM these supplements hydrate skin and fight against signs of ageing. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body, and can be taken as an extra supplement either orally or applied topically. We love products that contain hyaluronic acid as they aid collagen production and works to keep our skin looking softer and younger.  The MSM helps form connective tissue in the skin, and it is necessary for collagen production.  Sagging skin and wrinkles, as well as dry, cracked skin are all developed through a loss of collagen.  MSM works together with vitamin C to build new, healthy tissues. Together all these ingredients work in unison to help deliver a firmer, brighter and better-looking skin

We think that this product is ideal for anyone looking for an anti-ageing complex to help promote healthier and younger looking complexion. Just take one or two capsules during meal times once a day and watch the effects on your skin as it looks more replenished, brighter and radiant. These supplements not only deeply hydrate skin from within but also promote a sense of wellbeing throughout the body. This supplement is free of any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. Purchase The Hyaluronic Complex here for £30, which is 60 capsules or one month's supply.