Hair Masque, Multi & Omegas and 'How to Keep Your Hair On' Guide - Hair Today More Tomorrow

Hair loss in men seems to be more talked about in society over hair loss in women; we at The Amazing Blog want to change this. We’ve found an amazing hair loss treatment course created by Sara G .Allison called Hair Today More Tomorrow, and it promises to do exactly what it says on the tin.

Sara G. Allison is a registered nurse and currently a world-leading Harley street trichologist, who spent years recommending treatment supplements and plans to clients that she believed were never the complete solution. To fight this missing section within medicine she decided to create her own brand: Hair Today More Tomorrow. We’ve looked at the Multi & Omegas (awarded 'Highly Commended Best New Hair Product' for the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards), the Hair Masque and the "How to keep your hair on" guide. We think the trio is impressive and would give any women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning the confidence they need and help guide them back to healthy fuller hair.

The "How to keep your hair on" guide, this mini book is full of scientific information, advice and general help for anyone who wants to learn the root causes and how to change this. The Multi & Omegas comes in a handy box and the unique formula boats to help you feel, look and stay healthy. Secondly the omegas are mainly linseed oil, known to aid hair growth and the vitamins are a multi-vitamin perfect for any diet. Then, the Hair Masque is a weekly treatment mask aimed to help repair any hair problems including dry scalp. The combination of these three products and time, is sure to help your hair loss issues.

Products from Hair Today More Tomorrow are all available to purchase here. You can get "How to keep your hair on" guide  here for £12, the Multi & Omegas here for £ 75 and the Hair Masque here for £39.