Harry’s – The Winston Set


We believe in supporting companies who actively make a positive difference in people's lives. So when The Amazing Blog heard that Harry’s shaving products, a subscription-based shaving system, supports and donates to many organisations that help challenge outdated stereotypes about ‘what it means to be a man’; we wanted to get involved and try out their products. This US-based company was co-founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, with a social mission: "We set aside a percentage of our sales, and a lot of our time, for charitable organisations. We always have, and we always will because it’s just the right thing to do". We were sent the Winston Set containing key products from Harry's - a Shave Gel and their Winston Razor with the replacement blades. These products gave us with a satisfying shaving experience and helped to leave our skin feeling as smooth as silk! 

First, we used the Harry’s Shave Gel to prepare our face for a clean-cut and close shave. The gel contains an aloe-enriched formula with cucumber that is both paraben-free and sulfate-free.This helps make it a gentle product that refreshes and protects the skin. The gel also contains hyaluronic acid which maintains moisture in the skin after shaving. It has a very subtle fragrance, which we're glad to report isn't at all overpowering. Using this Shave Gel on a moistened skin creates a lather-up effect that gives great 'slip' and takes all the effort out of shaving.

For the next step, we used Harry’s Winston Razor for a completed shave. The razor’s metallic build provides it with a sleek look that feels great to hold. It also has a comfortable central rubber grip section that makes shaving easier than ever. The razor has a flex hinge that helps the blade to follow the contours of your face. Each Harry’s Razor Blade cartridge contains 5 razor blades. The razor blade includes a lubricating strip at the top that further enhances the smoothness of your shave. Like any razor, you must replace the blade over time. Harry’s sells replacement razor blade packages to keep your razor as good as new. Four replacement blades come in a water-safe case that is 100% recyclable.

As mentioned previously, Harry’s donates a portion of their profits to organisations who work to continue the conversation about male stereotypes. If you want to have an effortlessly smooth face while making a positive impact, you can purchase Harry’s shaving products online. We also like the fact that Harry's offers a trial pack here for as little as £3.50! This trial pack includes the Winston Razor and one Shave Gel as part of a regular customised subscription, that can be cancelled at any time. We were sent the  'Winston Set' here a luxurious box set priced at £24 which has the weighty engraved, die-cast zinc and polished chrome finish razor. Otherwise, you can order each item separately: The Harry’s Shave Gel for £3.50 which is available here; the Winston Razor available here for £18.00 and the set of four replacement razor blades is available here for £7.50.