Matis - Réponse Homme Anti-Ageing Cream

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We all know that to moisturise our skin is a daily requirement, and the earlier we start that process the better it is in the long-term, especially in a world where unseen pollutants constantly assault our epidermis. Yes an assault, whether that be as we go about our regular commute, or as we relax within the confines of a centrally heated or air-conditioned home. We at  The Amazing Blog have discovered the professional skincare brand Matis who have a proven track record in understanding this requirement, and have been bringing us their scientifically researched solutions since 1936… So their pedigree stands up for itself, and this is particularly true with their options for those of us with skin which, well let’s just say is the other side of 40, but still deserves some TLC.

As with all their products, Matis put the greatest emphasis on the provenance of their ingredients, bringing us the science behind how our epidermis changes, along with their thoroughly researched solutions. Particularly their grooming skincare Réponse Homme range with Anti-Ageing Active Cream  is the perfect example of this, whose main ingredient centella asiatica or tiger grass for those of who flunked their Latin, is fundamental to the formula which regenerates our skin cells. A tropical climbing plant which originates from India, it has always been known for its soothing properties - animals roll around in it to heal their wounds. And, along with sweet almond oil biopolymers, messenger peptides, hemp oil and the wax from our trusted favourite bee, we have the perfect antidote to modern day living, literally at our fingertips. With all those goodies, you would expect the cream to be somewhat on the heavy side, but no, this deliciously fragranced balm is light and therefore easily absorbed into freshly cleansed skin in both the morning and the evening.

For those of us who can’t pop over to Paris to purchase our Matis hit, this magnificent moisturiser is of course available online here currently offering 50ml at £37.99. This stockist currently has a special offer when you purchase the Active Cream, customers can get a full size tester of the Matis Reponse Homme Eye Care Eye for free ALSO If you enter the code 'matisgift' at checkout you will also get an additional free gift too!

Harry’s – The Winston Set


We believe in supporting companies who actively make a positive difference in people's lives. So when The Amazing Blog heard that Harry’s shaving products, a subscription-based shaving system, supports and donates to many organisations that help challenge outdated stereotypes about ‘what it means to be a man’; we wanted to get involved and try out their products. This US-based company was co-founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, with a social mission: "We set aside a percentage of our sales, and a lot of our time, for charitable organisations. We always have, and we always will because it’s just the right thing to do". We were sent the Winston Set containing key products from Harry's - a Shave Gel and their Winston Razor with the replacement blades. These products gave us with a satisfying shaving experience and helped to leave our skin feeling as smooth as silk! 

First, we used the Harry’s Shave Gel to prepare our face for a clean-cut and close shave. The gel contains an aloe-enriched formula with cucumber that is both paraben-free and sulfate-free.This helps make it a gentle product that refreshes and protects the skin. The gel also contains hyaluronic acid which maintains moisture in the skin after shaving. It has a very subtle fragrance, which we're glad to report isn't at all overpowering. Using this Shave Gel on a moistened skin creates a lather-up effect that gives great 'slip' and takes all the effort out of shaving.

For the next step, we used Harry’s Winston Razor for a completed shave. The razor’s metallic build provides it with a sleek look that feels great to hold. It also has a comfortable central rubber grip section that makes shaving easier than ever. The razor has a flex hinge that helps the blade to follow the contours of your face. Each Harry’s Razor Blade cartridge contains 5 razor blades. The razor blade includes a lubricating strip at the top that further enhances the smoothness of your shave. Like any razor, you must replace the blade over time. Harry’s sells replacement razor blade packages to keep your razor as good as new. Four replacement blades come in a water-safe case that is 100% recyclable.

As mentioned previously, Harry’s donates a portion of their profits to organisations who work to continue the conversation about male stereotypes. If you want to have an effortlessly smooth face while making a positive impact, you can purchase Harry’s shaving products online. We also like the fact that Harry's offers a trial pack here for as little as £3.50! This trial pack includes the Winston Razor and one Shave Gel as part of a regular customised subscription, that can be cancelled at any time. We were sent the  'Winston Set' here a luxurious box set priced at £24 which has the weighty engraved, die-cast zinc and polished chrome finish razor. Otherwise, you can order each item separately: The Harry’s Shave Gel for £3.50 which is available here; the Winston Razor available here for £18.00 and the set of four replacement razor blades is available here for £7.50.

31st State Face, Hair and Body wash- For Men

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31st State is the men's skincare and haircare brand that embodies the Californian way of grooming - effortless and easy. The Amazing Blog is intrigued by this approach, especially if it means a longer lie-in in the morning. 31st State uses only natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin, as men can have sensitive skin too!

31st State’s 2-in-1 Hair and Body is enriched with aqua based natural ingredients to help men look and feel well-groomed. The combination of silver and zinc actively controls body odour and bacteria that cause blemished skin. Silver is a natural disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, while zinc soothes the skin and combats odour.

The Foaming Face Wash is ideal for retaining pure and fresh skin. Tea tree and anti-bacterial Manuka work in-sync to get rid of excess oil. In addition, magnesium, copper and zinc help regulate excess sebum and prevent breakouts. This face wash harnesses natural ingredients to maintain unblemished, oil-free and hydrated skin throughout the day.

Purchase the 2-in-1 Hair & Body wash here for £9, and the Foaming Face Wash here for £13.

Dear Barber

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Vanity Fair is not only a place for women but it also welcomes men. Here at The Amazing Blog we know that very well and that’s why we want to present you with the hair and beard range from Dear Barber. From tip to toes it will take care of you with classy scents and high quality products.

If you’re one of those who thinks it’s all about hair or nothing, prepare yourself for an incredible range of cream and pomades that will help you sculpting, shaping and controlling.
Humidity has never been friendly with curly hair, so if this is your main concern put your head in the safe hands of Pomade. It’s a gel that works as a cover and protect your curls, avoiding frizzy hair. Despite other products with the same texture, Dear Barber created a gel that won’t make your hair feel heavy at all and they’ll look naturally neat and shining.

The Shaping Cream is what you’re looking for if you need hold but with a smooth and flexible final touch. This cream is simply stunning, once on your hair it disappears and doesn’t leave any trace of the product. 

For those who love more definition Dear Barber presents Fibre and Mattifier. They both have a waxy texture and are ideal for deconstructed styles but, where Fibre is more for an elastic sculpting result, the Mattifier will shape and hold the boldest styles.

Hair is very important but a beard and moustache are the business card of your face. And Dear Barber couldn’t let them down. That’s why we can gladly tell you something more about the Shave Oil, Beard Oil and Moustache Wax. The oils will protect your skin, preparing the beard for shaving and giving a final sheen touch, while the wax will guarantee perfect hold and shape whatever is your moustache style.

The entire range has a vague retro style and so does the Gentlemen’s Fragrance with its vintage but contemporary twist.  This is the perfect hair and beard care for you or your partner this Christmas. Go buy yours here at Dennis Williams for £45.95.

Friday Favourites - Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here at The Amazing Blog we’ve compiled a list of our favourite beauty and grooming products to treat your old man, and get him looking and feeling great this summer.

First on our list is Belnatur’s Only Men line which has a great range of products designed to provide deep hydration, firmness and luminosity without a greasy feel. Two of our favourites are Belnatur’s Only Men After Shave Comfort (£16.99 for 150ml) and Belnatur’s Only Men Energy Fluid (£17.99 for 75ml).

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Rich in White Willow, Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, the Only Men After Shave Comfort is a refreshing gel that soothes the irritations caused by shaving. It assists with the prevention of premature aging and stimulates collagen production.

Belnatur’s Only Men Energy Fluid is light and non-greasy and recharges the skin with vitality and energy. It also improves water retention and increases skin’s flexibility.

Belnatur’s high performing products can be purchased from their official UK website and at salons nationwide.

Next on our list is one of our favourite ranges of hair products over here at The Amazing Blog. Label M is high on our list, and we think their thickening tonic (£10.95 for 150 ml) and deconstructor matt paste (£11.50 for 50 ml) make a great Father’s Day gift.

If your old man is slightly thinning on top, the thickening tonic is a unique gel to liquid formula which gives instant volume and texture to your hair. The deconstructor paste is also a fabulous product, great for those who like to style their hair, but love the rough and ready look.

The Label M range is available in a number of hairdressers including Toni & Guy. You can also buy the products from Label M’s site here.

Next we have men's body and skincare brand Scaramouche & Fandango , who have brought out two new grooming gift sets right in time for Father’s day. The Twin Pack (£13.50) comprises the daily shower essentials for men, including the brand's cleansing black quinoa and shea butter Shampoo and invigorating Brazilian papaya and vitamin E complex Body wash.


The Triple Pack (£25) helps start a skincare regime in three simple steps, and includes a Face Scrub; Shave Cream, containing guava extract to protect against razor burn; and a Hydrator.

We love that the products are fragranced with the range’s signature scents and are paraben free and 98% naturally derived. The products are suitable for all skin types and are made in the UK, and can be found at John Lewis, House of Fraser, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick or from their website here.

Last, but certainly not least, New British luxury men’s grooming brand Thomas Clipper have the perfect shaving gift set this Father’s day, featuring the brand’s trademark built-to-last solid metal razors.

The Mark One (£85) and the Mark K (£125) shaving kits come with an exfoliating organic cotton flannel, an anti-inflammatory, organic shave balm, and razors that can be hand etched with up to 4 initials, to give your gift that personal touch.

Unfortunately we did not receive a press sample, so we can't really tell you what it is like. But we really liked the look of it! You can buy the gift sets from the Thomas Clipper website.