Red Hedy and So Mod Pink by Rodin Olio Lusso

No makeup bag is complete without a perfect red and pink shade (or four!), but it can be a complicated and long process finding the perfect colour to suit your skin tone or even the season. Suddenly, the shades you’ve been using for months and months are too deep and wintery; they clash with your new summer wardrobe and sit heavily on your recently tanned face. All of us at The Amazing Blog have discussed how annoying this realisation can be.  So when Rodin Olio Lusso was brought to our attention, we were immediately entranced by their classic colours. All of their shades have that all important summer pop and brightness without washing you out or turning you into a caricature. 

What we truly love about this brand is the simplicity of it all, they have chosen quality over quantity, and sometimes this very simple truth is too often forgotten in the beauty industry. The desire to create a brand defined by simple beauty stems from their founder Linda Rodin, who was a successful model in the sixties and now in her sixties is the model of spare elegance. Her entire ethos is the simpler, the better, which is entirely evident in her lipstick collection. Only five fabulous shades are available, but all of them are perfect. We tried the Red Hedy and the So Mod Pink in hopes of finding the perfect summer shades. Those hopes were happily met. The Red Hedy, combines old Hollywood glamour with a pop of modernity, to make the perfect blend of nostalgic and contemporary beauty. The lipstick was named after the compelling and painfully beautiful 1930’s and 1940s actress Hedy Lamarr. More than a pretty face, Hedy invented technology that helped defeat the Axis power’s jamming of Allied Radio Communications during WWII. A gorgeous lipstick also named after an amazing woman with brains and beauty is enough to give us a much-needed confidence boost. The So Mod Pink combines the vibrancy of the sixties with the muted statement pieces of the Mod trend. The shade is a muted almost nude rosy pink, that is the perfect shade for those light summer days, where you want your lips to assist with a look rather than be the focus. 

You can purchase Red Hedy here for £28.00 and So Mod Pink here for £28.00. While you’re there, definitely have a look at the other colours and let us know what you think!