Aloe 24-7

Here's a trick that the The Amazing Blog loves, use Aloe Vera to prevent the worsening of, and help cure sun burn. Living in a usually cloudy country more often than not results in fair skin, and as we all know fair skin and the sun are natural enemies. Even those of us who religiously apply sun cream, lotion or oil can burn by accident, so having an effective Aloe Vera in your backup arsenal is a must.

The reason we favour Aloe 24-7 is because of the amazing combination of ingredients in their gel. Not only does it contain Organic Aloe Vera, but it also contains Lemongrass oil, Kalahari oil, Rosemary oil and Chamomile, which we know is a natural soother. This combination of natural ingredients alongside the gel means that while it heals your sunburn it also helps to make skin softer and smoother, by encouraging cell regeneration. Due to the effectiveness of Aloe 24’s Aloe gel the Western Cape department of Health has approved it to be used in all government hospitals and clinics in South Africa. This gel is the doctor’s choice, it feels amazing and smells fantastic.

Purchase the Gel here for £8.99 and thank us later.