Helmies – Nail Helmets



We girls at The Amazing Blog  love having beautifully manicured hands and it's a rare occasion to spot any of our team without perfectly preened nails. Some of us get a little more adventurous than others dabbling in amateur nail art (currently rocking the reverse French Manicure look). However, there is nothing more annoying than when we are on the dash, and our nail polish is still drying. You know the scenario, last minute manicure, late and hastily digging deep into our handbags to find house keys and - yikes - you guessed it, smudging!  This is when someone suggested these clever little Helmies Nail Helmets.

In the box, we found ten white little helmets plus two bigger pink ones for the thumbs or toenails. Helmies are reusable, soft and elastic so they can fit easily over each finger/toe. Yes they do look a bit quirky and we all got the giggles when we wore them. However, they serve a purpose allowing you to go about your household errands or in our case, typing in the office. Helmies are ergonomically designed fitting perfectly over each finger/toe with three little holes on top which lets the air flow through allowing the polish to set properly. They're made of silicone gel and are hypoallergenic. In fact, they have thought of everything including the open back which allows your fingertips to be free for making phone calls or texting.

No more ineffectual waving of hands or blowing on your fingertips, time to invest in a set of these practical little Helmies Nail Helmets available for £7.99 here .