Portlebay Popcorn

These cold January nights are prime time for snackaholics, here at the Amazing Blog we are no exception. We wanted to find the perfect sweet snack for our movie nights that won't leave us feeling too guilty. Portlebay Popcorn have revolutionised popcorn with their new delicious Cappuccino flavour, we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Portlebay Popcorn are a Devon-based crew that focus on bringing us a totally natural sweet treat, by simply popping the finest corn in small batches. It is easy to see that they do not compromise on the quality of their handmade products. The corn is simply popped with a little rapeseed oil and a sprinkle of raw cane sugar for that characteristic crunch that we love so much. Coffee lovers will be glad to know that the Cappuccino seasoning is delicious, it leaves you feeling as if you’ve had a shot of your favourite expresso without the caffeine hit! What we loved is that this popcorn has a unique flavour, and for only 115 calories per bag. We found it great for a lunchtime treat or poured into a big bowl for a movie night.

No need for expensive cinema popcorn when you can get a healthier and tastier option at home. If you want to try the Cappuccino popcorn, or various other flavours from Portlebay, then get yours here for only £6.80 for a pack of eight.