Drasanvi Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion

Drasanvi body lotion and shower gel.jpg

At The Amazing Blog we're already big fans of the Drasanvi brand. In fact, a while ago we wrote about their popular Collmar Marine Collagen supplement here. So we were happy to discover the Drasanvi‘s body care range, with their Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel and Rosehip Oil Body Lotion to try. Drasanvi has over 23 years of experience in the natural health and supplement industry and has fast become the go-to point of reference in the European health and wellbeing sector. This brand is now a very welcome newcomer to the UK with their supplements currently available online at FeelGoodMatters. Drasanvi have built their reputation on producing an extensive range high quality and innovative products, together with a skin and body care range infused with natural and active ingredients from plants, fruit and minerals extracts.

Drasanvi Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel is a calming and soothing bath gel that is suitable for all skin types. It is enriched with hemp extracts and ylang ylang essential oil. Ylang ylang essential oil is renowned for its refreshing and sebum production balancing properties; it also promotes a clear and healthier skin. This unique combination of ingredients makes a nourishing shower gel that not only gently cleanses skin but also soothes it. The mix of the hemp extracts and Ylang Ylang oil create a reviving scent that instantly awakens your skin leaving it hydrated and silky smooth.

Whereas the Hemp Oil Shower & Bath Gel deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin, the Rosehip Oil Body Lotion helps to nutrify and regenerate. This body lotion has some premium natural ingredients which include both rosehip and geranium oils, making it the ideal choice for dry or mature skin. Geranium and rosehip oils are floral essential oils that are used to repair and rejuvenate the skin; which in turn helps to reduce the appearance scars and stretch marks. The subtle combination of geranium and rose leaves a very delicate and long lasting scent on the skin. Why we particuarly like this body lotion is because it absorbs quickly and leaves no tell-tale white residue.

Both these products are not tested on animals and made from natural and organic ingredients. They have the European ECOCERT certification, therefore conforming to the highest quality standards. You can purchase Drasanvi’s Hemp OIl Shower & Bath Gel here for £6.15 and the Rosehip Oil Body lotion here from £12.95.