Hydra-Mattifying Cream by Karethic


Shea Butter is a hero ingredient in the eyes of The Amazing Blog, but it is also an ingredient often taken for granted and side-lined.  We bet though that if you were to look at the back of every moisturiser and hydrating or nourishing cream you own, Shea butter would be listed. We love the brand Karethic as they are a brand giving the spotlight back to this nourishing and hydrating ingredient.  Their mission as a company is to promote the Shea Butter story. For them, not only is it a miracle product but is also a symbol of African spirituality, a gift of nature that has been passed down through the generations. Our favourite product of theirs is the Hydra-Mattifying Cream, which is an excellent showcase of the power or Shea Butter.  All Karethic’s products are entirely organic and vegan so that everyone can use them!

The Hydra-Mattifying Cream is a must have product for those of you who don’t enjoy a shiny face in the summer. It left our skin looking attractively dewy as opposed to the undesirable sweaty glimmer that can happen in the more humid months. The Shea Butter helps to soothe and calm skin while nourishing it to create a healthy and natural glow. The other ingredients, such as the Roman chamomile floral water, purifies skin helping to clear it up and balance the face’s complexion while the rice powder immediately mattifies the face. The product should be applied in the morning and evening after cleansing the face. This product is amazingly natural with 99.4% of all the ingredients being from a natural origin and 57.8% from organic farming. Nothing in this product will irritate or aggravate skin, making it ideal for all skin put is particularly effective on oily to combination skin.

You can purchase the Hydra-Mattifying Cream here for around £14.00. Prices are listed in Euro’s but the product is purchasable through PayPal where you will be charged in Pounds.