Black Garlic Ketchup from Hawkshead Relish

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If you are anything like us at The Amazing Blog, then you have been heading to one barbeque and garden party after another. As fun, sunny and boozy as they can be, they can also be quite repetitive. The same drinks, the same food, the same flavours. It can all get a little bit dull, and this is precisely when Hawkshead Relish steps in with their reinvigorating Black Garlic Ketchup

To give this condiment it’s brazen flavour, black garlic bulbs are crushed and combined with tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and Anglesey Sea Salt.  This sauce is a great addition to red meats, chicken and scallops; to be honest, it goes with everything.  The flavour is rich and smooth as the balsamic sweetness cuts through the garlic, preventing it from overpowering the flavours. Hawkshead Realish hand makes the product in the Lake District using only the best ingredients. The sauce has no added colours, is Gluten Free, suitable for vegans and is GMO-free, meaning that everyone can enjoy it – that’s assuming you’ll want to share it with anybody. 

So go forth and revolutionise your next barbeque, click here to purchase a bottle of Hawkshead’s Black Garlic Ketchup for £4.99