Infuse My. Colour Wash

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Keeping your hair colour vibrant and your hair healthy is somewhat of a task, as it requires both time and dedication. Fortunately, we at The Amazing Blog were lucky in discovering the Infuse My. Colour Washes, designed to refresh and add strong tones to coloured hair.

If you’re wanting to brighten and revive your coloured hair easily and quickly (and relatively cheaply!), these shampoos are worth looking into. We know the feeling well when your coloured hair loses its vibrancy, or the colour starts to turn an off shade or tone. These shampoos are simply great for prolonging the wait time in between colour appointments.  They are gentle on the hair and smooth the hair cuticle to seal in colour, leaving your hair silky and bold. What’s even better is that they are 100% vegan and biodegradable, and free from sulphates, silicones and parabens.

The shampoos come in Ruby, Gold, Copper, Platinum and Cobalt, and the idea is that each shampoo will work as a toner depending on the colour you’d like to achieve, so that you can rock your coloured hair with confidence. Copper adds warm tones to strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and brown hair. Ruby highlights brightness in red hair, or can add a fun pink tone to bleached blonde hair. Platinum neutralises brassy and canary yellow tones in pale blonde and white hair, maintaining a cool grey undertone. Gold adds sunshine back into honey blonde hair and Cobalt maintains cool dark blonde and brown hair.

Luckily for you, these shampoos are very easy to use; just sud up your hair and and wash out for an immediate result. Purchase the Infuse My. Colour shampoos from Boots in store or online for £9.30 - usually the product is £13.95 but Boots is offering 1/3 off currently.