Detox Face Scrub and Firm & Protect Serum By STOER Skincare For Men

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STOER Skincare For Men tackles both ends of the skincare spectrum from dryness and irritation to oiliness and breakouts. STOER believes that all skin concerns are a result of environmental factors, whether you live in a windy rural town or a polluted populated city. The skincare range contains high-tech but easy-to-use products that act as a defence shield for men’s skin.

Active ingredients help to protect the skin from outdoor aggressors such as pollution and adverse weather, as well as indoor aggressors like central heating and air conditioning. The Clima5 Technology is STOER’s unique formula of five plant ingredients from four extremely different climates. These globally-sourced natural extracts consist of Scotland’s peat moss (for hydration), Italy’s alpine plant (for elasticity), West Africa’s baobab leaf (anti-ageing), Japan’s wakame (increases collagen and oxygen) and Mexican barbary fig (soothing and hydrating). STOER’s Firm & Protect Serum is made up of these ingredients, delivering intense hydration and collagen production that is easily absorbed, leaving a matte finish on the skin.

STOER’s Detox Face Scrub works to smooth out the skin, exfoliating the surface for a brighter appearance. Ingredients contain mineral and volcanic exfoliants to remove dead skin and unblock the pores while preventing ingrown hairs. Combine these with STOER’s Clima5 for hydration and protection, and your face has never looked better.

Purchase the Detox Face Scrub here for £27 and the Firm & Protect Serum here for £40.