Label.M - Brunette Texturising Volume Spray

Here at The Amazing Blog, we're constantly looking for ways to give our hair that 'done' look with minimal effort. Recently, we got our hands on the Brunette Texturising Volume Spray from Label.M professional hair care, and have finally found the 'get up and go' product that we've always craved.

As the official haircare sponsor of London Fashion Week 2015, we already knew we were on to a great product. After all, if it's good enough for the catwalk, who are we to say no. The brunette-friendly spray was added to the collection after the brand's original Texturising Volume Spray was a roaring success. Launched last year, it became a popular product so quickly that the founders decided to develop a brunette-specific version to give a lift to darker roots.

Utilising the same concept as a dry shampoo, the spray is the perfect way to give brunette barnets a bit of oomph. I simply sprayed through my roots, and after a bit of finger work, I found that I had the perfect tousled style with a dose of extra volume in no time at all. It also has the same hold as a hairspray, so you don’t have to worry about your hair flying everywhere in the unpredictable London wind. A hairspray/dry shampoo hybrid could potentially have devastating effects on the texture of your hair, but I'm pleased to report that my tresses were neither crispy nor powdery after use. It's a great product for giving you hair and mood a necessary boost when you're feeling a bit deflated.

Each spray costs £12.95, so stock up on the backstage favourite here and say a fond farewell bad hair days.