L'ANZA - Keratin Healing Oil Cream Gel

Though we at The Amazing Blog enjoy exploring a large collection of different hair products, sometimes, we wish we could find one product that met all of out hair treatment needs. Luckily for us, L’ANZA sent us a sample of their new Keratin Healing Oil Cream Gel, giving us beautiful hair and the chance to get rid of excess hair products.

By combining the same ingredients as the original Keratin Healing Oil Range with new ingredients, L’ANZA has created an improved version of oil. This new product gives your hair extra hydration, strength, and volume thanks to ingredients Keratin Protein and Phyto IV Complex. The Chia Seed Extract provides styling control and heat protection, so say good-bye to frizz! Even though some hair products claim to give your hair strength and volume but evidently make your hair heavier, we were pleasantly surprised that this oil made our hair shiny and lighter than it was before. With hydration, healing powers, and even the ability to hold style—what more could we ask for in a hair product? 

Clear your cosmetic shelves and get your computers ready, this new and improved product is launching in the month of November. Each Keratin Healing Oil 200ml bottle is available for purchase at £32.95 here.