Lip Balm & Cleaning Wipes - Benecos

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how important it is to keep our faces fresh and our lips moisturized, and that the best way to do this is to use natural products. So we were ecstatic when the brand Benecos sent us their Natural Care Happy Cleansing Wipes and their Natural Lip Balm.

It is important to cleanse your skin daily as after a long, hard, and tiresome day not only is our skin left looking dull and greasy, it is also covered in unwanted bacteria from pollution, our hands, and sweat. So having Beneco’s Happy Cleansing Wipes in your bag is the best way to cleanse on the go and throughout the day.The pleasant mix of mango, orange and aloe vera leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean. The cleansing wipes are gentle and soft but are sure to remove all makeup and bacteria on the face effectively. Don't worry if you have sensitive skin either; these wipes are pH-neutral and free of alcohol, oil derivatives, and fragrance

We found that the natural lip balm was the perfect solution to dry and cracked lips. The all-natural and fragrance-free balm soothes the lips using organic olive oil and organic cocoa butter. The balm comes in three different flavours: raspberry, orange, and mint.

You can purchase the cleaning wipes here for £3.46 and the natural lip balm here for £2.45.