Liquid Eyeliners - Eye Of Horus

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Here at The Amazing Blog we are in love with Eye of Horus and their makeup products. We have already tried their whole range of eye-makeup essentials including: mascara, liquid eyeliners, eye pencils, eye shadows and brow define pencils; and we have been obsessed with them since then. No wonder we got so excited when we received their new Liquid Metal Eyeliners. It means it is time to have fun with our makeup looks and bring out our inner goddess again.

Eye of Horus is an illuminating cosmetic brand with a variety of eye-makeup products. The brand has a mystical imagery and a unique design together with a natural formulation based on the very ingredients the Egyptians once used for the creation of their own makeup. Their new Liquid Metal Eyeliners are vegan, paraben-free and rich in essential oils and natural waxes. You can find them in four precious metallic shades: pewter, copper, gold and bronze. They are highly pigmented and have a felt-tipped applicator that helps deliver this mineral pigment precisely and effortlessly. But what we like the most about them is that they are extremely long-lasting and smudge free. An entire day at the office and they looked as vivid as when we first put together our makeup look in the morning. As for the colours, we can't really decide which one is our favourite. You can use the copper and bronze shades for a more natural, daily look or take a risk and play with the silver and gold shades for a fun and flashy one.

Perfect for this summer season and the autumn to come, you can buy them here for £16.50 each.