Living Nature - Hydrating Toning Gel

Here at The Amazing Blog, we're always on the hunt for great products with unique, natural ingredients. Living Nature’s Hydrating Toning Gel harnesses the beneficial properties of some of New Zealand’s unique botanicals and we couldn’t wait to try it.

Living Nature creates skin care products that include only certified natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients. They also have one of the lowest, safest ratings on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, so much so that Breast Cancer Network New Zealand has endorsed the range. Considering all of these impressive facts, we were excited to see what difference the Hydrating Toning Gel would make to our skin. The toner contains Harakeke, Active Manuka Honey and Larch Tree Extracts that help repair dehydration by drawing moisture into the skin. They are also alcohol-free and work to soothe, calm and restore the skin’s ideal PH balance. I was so pleased by how moisturised my skin felt after using the gel, and I can only imagine what the the rest of the Living Nature range could do for me.

The Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel is available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and you can buy it online here for £28.