Self-Tanning Lotion, Rapid Mousse - Bellamianta

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No matter what the weather maybe, it is still nice over the winter season to have a natural glow. The team at the Amazing Blog we love to be tanned throughout every season, which is why we recommend the brand Bellamianta it, is a luxury self-tanning product.

What we loved about the Tanning lotion is how gentle and kind the product is to our skin and it is free from paraben, alcohol and any other harsh chemicals, we always like to promote products that will not harm us in anyway. Bellamianta focuses on enriched ingredients to provide you with the best experience using their products and keeping your skin hydrated, moisturised whilst having a long-lasting tan. There are natural fruit extracts in the product including mango, papaya and goji berry this will help provide a natural Bellamianta signature which is a golden tone.

This brand is luxurious they are keen to create products that are clean and not harming the skin. With self-tanning sometimes there can be an after odour that isn’t pleasant however using these products they have find a formula that will not give you the typical tanning smell which we were thankful for when using in the office and a few members in our team self-tanned at home and was pleasantly surprised the product did not transfer onto anything.

It is recommended to apply on clean exfoliated skin that has no deodorant, make up and perfume before applying the self-tan and it is recommended to wax or shave 24 hours before you decide to get golden. How to use this product is apply the lotion using a tanning mitt and apply with circular motions. You will also see how rapid the formula dries in a 60 second time scale. As this product is kind to the skin it is suitable to use on the face as it is gentle for the face plus suitable for all skin types and suitable for vegans to use.

The second product we received was the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse, similar to the lotion you can achieve an even golden olive tone to the skin that will dry in rapid time of 60 seconds. This mousse is bursting with natural ingredients and will be a go to skin treatment whilst applying this product the ingredients will work it's magic.Keeping your skin hydrated without the dreaded snakeskin effect or bad odour, you will have the lovely glow you desire but your tan will look even all over. 

Similar to the lotion, the rapid mousse product will give a smooth, silky and very good coverage tan .Plus with this product it will last up to seven days as the product is water resistant and doesn't transfer. Bellamianta have created two products that they recommended all skin types and ethnic backgrounds can use.

Also as Christmas is round the corner Bellamantia have two gifts sets that you can choose from featuring these products, they would make really good presents that has an affordable price range, you can get the Bellamianta Lotion Christmas Gift Set for £19.99 and the Bellamianta Mousse Christmas Gift Set for £25.00. 

Keep your glow over the winter season with the self-tanning lotion from £16.99 you can get it here, and you can also get the mousse here from £19.99.