Intense Protection Serum - Odéia

At The Amazing Blog, we have found the perfect essential that you need to make room for in your skin care regime. It’s important to protect your beauty and your facial appearance from anything damaging which is why we recommend you using the new product fron the Greek brand Odéia : The Intense Protection Serum.

The intense protection serum is a useful product that everyone should use, it contains wild strawberry and raspberry extracts it also includes vitamin C and antioxidants. As other Odeia's products, the serum is natural and free from any toxic substances. All usual chemical ingredients that you could find in other brand's products are here replaced by medicinal herbs, wildflowers, plants and fruits, extracted in Greece. The benefits of using this product is it offers a glow and softness to the skin whilst moisturising as it absorbs the product it also improves the appearance of blotches, fine lines and wrinkles caused by the effects of modern lifestyle.

To achieve the best results from using this product we recommend applying the product in the morning or evening only using one or two doses at a time around the face, neck and cleavage. Always use this product after you have cleansed your face and either applied your day or night cream on.  The way this product works is it creates a shell around your skin protecting it from anything that can damage your appearanc. If you follow these steps and use this product on regular basis we highly recommend using it every day and you will notice an improvement in your facial appearance making your skin look younger.

All products created by Odeia contains organic ingredients to make ecofriendly cosmetics which are also certified by the International Standards of NATURE-Certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics. The products and the brand are cruelty free as no testing is made on animals and no raw ingredients are animal based either. Finslly, the packaging is even nicer if you know that it is 100% recyclable.

If you would like to keep your appearance looking youthful and fresh you can purchase this product here for €37.90 (or £34.11).