Luxury Lipsticks – Rodin

Linda Rodin, the founder of Rodin Olio Lusso, once said that “I feel a bit naked without lipstick” and at The Amazing Blog we agree with her 100%! That’s why we wanted to share with you a little about the new Rodin Luxury Lipsticks range.

Recently launched, the Luxury Lipsticks are available in 5 unique shades, one for each occasion: the Tough Tomato, Red Hedy, So Mod, Billie on the Bike and Winks. They are based on the signature oil of the brand, Olio Lusso, and blended with Rose and Lavender Flower, Vitamins C and E known for their nourishing and healing properties and Apricot, Argan and Meadowflower oils that leave a very pleasant flavour on your lips. Our favourite summer shade is the Winks, a pretty and bright pink that is perfect on tanned skin and that can be used both day and night! We particularly like its creamy texture and the shiny finish that will gradually turn matte during the day and will reveal a lovely hot pink pigment. For a seaside look that pops, this lipstick is the perfect product.

Get ready for a bright summer with the Luxury Lipstick range by Rodin, available here for £32