Make Up Feature - Friday Favourites

At The Amazing Blog, make up is an everyday essential in the office we love to experiment and have fun with different products to create flawless looks. Here our some of our favourite brands that we recommend trying: Spectrum, Poni Cosmetics, Sleek, Pierre Rene and Beauty Boulevard.


To create a beautiful base you need to have the right brushes to apply the make up with, Spectrum are known for their pretty collections and quality make up tools that won’t break the bank.  We recommend trying the 4 Piece Contour Set we're sure this will change the game in your make up. The contour set is made up with four make brushes including a Flat Top Buffer, Domed Buffer, Tulip Powder and Angled Powder. It is recommended to begin using the flat buffer tool as this brush creates an even base. Once you have applied the foundation, the domed buffer brush can be used for an airbrush finish by gently blending and buffing product into your skin. Next if you want to create angles and accentuate the cheekbones and jawline you can use the angled powder brush.  Lastly, the tulip powder brush can be used with a powder to finish the look off. These brushes are made from a high quality synthetic hair, which is why they feel fluffy and soft that feel great on the face, plus they are cruelty free.

To create an airbrushed natural look you can purchase this set here for £29.99

brow magic.jpg

Good brows is an essential for women and there's still no sign of this trend leaving. For the perfect brow, we recommend trying Brow Magic by the brand Poni Cosmetics. The pencil is ultra slim with a super fine tip making it easy to apply and to create a defined look. Brow magic comes in a twisty pencil packaging so there's no wasting time needing to sharpen, the pencial has a light brown, is highly pigmented formula which you can build more until you get the shade desired. For that eyeliner flick that stays all night, we recommend the smudge proof Liquid Liner from Poni Cosmetics.  This felt tip eye liner is perfect for beginners as it has a thin tip that will help to create a sharp, sleek wing. If you want the perfect brows you can purchase the Brow Magic pencil here for £21.91, and for the perfect winged liner you can get the Liquid Liner here for £21.91.


We always have imperfections that we want to hide whether its dark circles from lack of sleep or a spot that has appeared- just at the wrong time. The solution? The Colour Corrector from SleekThis palette will be your every day go-to, it is the ultimate professional tool with six colour correctors that will balance, neutralise any blemishes and hide any unwanted flaws.

With six colour correctors that work different ways including green, lilac, blue, rose yellow and orange, Sleek has outlined what each colour does on the back of the packaging so beginners can learn how to use this palette easily. The product is small enough to travel easily and is simply blended into the skin.  There's no need to let any imperfections bother you; why not pick up this colour corrector here for £7.99.

be fabulous.jpg

The third brand from our make-up feature is Pierre Rene, we were sent two sophisticated lip-glosses to try from called Be Fabulous and Trendsetter.  Pierre Rene is known for the high quality of their makeup products, and these glosses didn't disappoint. These lip-glosses are semi-permanent coverage with an intense shine that compliment well over lipsticks.  Be fabulous has a really nice pink gel texture to the gloss whereas trendsetter is a pink sparkle that looks gorgeous on the lips. 

These miniature lip-glosses are a really good travel size to pop in your handbags and apply through out the day. Keep your lips popping throughout the day; pick up these lip-glosses here for £9.25 each. 


Last but not least was a team’s favourite we loved this brand and had a fun time experimenting with the brand Beauty Boulevard and they’re product Glitter Lips, it was very exciting. Glitter lips has a variety of glitters in several colours we received the colour Cherry Pie, was a really pretty purple which is great for the winter look, and a product we recommend having in your make up collection. If you like to play dress up and want to have an awesome selfie you need this product in your life.  As its December times its definitely an excuse to bring out the glitter, it will be a nice festival look for the celebrations soon coming especially as Christmas and New Year is round the corner. What we find really impressive about this product is how long-lasting the glitter lasted, it’s not like a lipstick that you have to top up constantly after drinking or eating something, we personally tried this product and find it only came off when ourselves wiped it off. Plus it has only four easy to steps to take and the instructions are on the back which is really helpful and easy to do.

Get yourself party ready with glitter lips you can purchase here for £12.50.