Minor Figures - Coffee Scrub & Soap

Here at the Amazing Blog we love anything and everything beauty related, but we are also equally interested in taking care of our environment. Believe it or not we’ve managed to combine the two in this next product. Minor Figures has produced a Coffee Soap and Scrub using only recycled coffee grinds. We can help the environment while gaining the natural benefits of the coffee bean; caffeine stimulates and enriches the skin. It has also been proven to reduce that unwanted orange peel effect that so many of us suffer from.

The scrub is handcrafted with pumice and coffee for a deep exfoliation, with added natural tea tree and peppermint oils to soothe the skin and give it a strong, clean scent. The soap, on the other hand, is handcrafted with olive oil, recycled coffee, vanilla, coconut, and star anise. These ingredients are designed to also exfoliate the skin but also make it feel refreshed and deeply nourished. We loved how the products left our skin feeling smooth and our conscience feeling clear. 

Keep both your skin and the environment happy by purchasing your own scrub and soap here for £5.90 each.