Spreads - Savvy, Keen Nut Butter, Erbology and Ogilvy's

We are surrounded by so many healthy and so-called ‘delicious’ alternatives to our favourite toast toppers and sandwich fillers. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have compiled our favourite natural spreads that will give our usual peanut butter and chocolate spread a run for their money. Today we are so aware of what we are putting into our body and Savvy Spreads, Keen Nut Butter, Erbology and Ogilvy’s will ensure we remain beautiful from the inside out.

Firstly, we are bringing you a taste of the Mediterranean with Savvy’s Sweet Sesame Spreads in three different flavours, Carob & Honey, Chocolate and their award-winning Date.

Savvy Spreads 2015.jpg

Astoundingly, there are only up to 5 ingredients in each spread, and each is from a totally natural source. The founder of Savvy Spreads uses an ancient Mediterranean preserve recipe and gave it a 21st Century update for all the family to enjoy. We had full confidence that we were spreading pure nutrition on our morning toast and it felt great. Savvy Spreads can be used in sandwich fillers, cake flavouring, crepes and even porridge toppers. All spreads are gluten free and vegan friendly. We loved that it satisfied our sweet tooth without damaging our health. But don't just take our word for it, try out these delicious healthy spreads for yourself here.  

We are particularly excited at the discovery of a mouth-watering and all-natural nut butter. Peanut butter fanatics will love Keen Nut Butter, an indulgent creamy spread free from added sugar, salt and artificial flavouring.

There is a wide range of flavours to choose from, something most nut butter brands are lacking. We had the opportunity to try the Triple Nut flavour and were not disappointed. The divine smell itself left our stomachs rumbling before we’d even tried it, and we loved the rich taste and buttery texture. It melted beautifully on warm toast to provide us with a nutritious and indulgent breakfast or a midday snack. If you’re keen to get your hands on this guilt-free nut butter get your own here for £2.99 per jar. 

If jam is more up your street, we have the perfect organic substitution. Erbology have created a range of delicious Sea Buckthorn jams, of which we had the opportunity to try the apple flavour.

Rather than a simple sugar high, these jams contain a host of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3,6,9 + 7 that is rarely found in such a concentrated form. As avid beauty enthusiasts, we were ecstatic to learn that the antioxidants in the jam promotes healthy skin and hair. Radiant skin and thick shiny locks while satisfying sweet cravings, that’s our kind of spread!  We thought it made a tasty topping to our porridge and a delectable addition to afternoon tea scones, along with a spoonful of clotted cream. If you want to watch your waistline but don’t want to give up your favourite sweet spreads, try out the Sea Buckthorn Apple jam here for £8.90. 

Last, but not least, Ogilvy’s has produced a British honey range with a difference.

The nectar collected to create the honey comes from a wide variety of plants and flowers, which gives each one its own unique taste. We were lucky enough to try the Borage, Heather and Wildflower honeys. We loved the traceability of these spreads; the Borage nectar was collected in Warwickshire, the Heather nectar in the Derbyshire Peak District, while the Wildflower nectar came from gardens and hedgerows in the heart of England. The differing textures, richness and fragrances provided a refreshing variety. The runnier Borage honey was great as a sweetener in porridge or in warm drinks. Whereas the Heather honey was rich and thick which made it an ideal toast topper. Check out the range of Ogilvy’s British honey range here for just £5.59 each.