Misfortune Cookies

Halloween is upon us, so here at The Amazing Blog we have some grown-up fun to spook up your Saturday. Prezzybox have brought us the delectable yet devilish Misfortune Cookies, not to be confused with their charming counterpart, these cookies bite back! Prepare yourself for the fright of brutally honest, pessimistic and crude responses.

Misfortune Cookies are the daring delights that every table needs this Halloween, each packet is adorned with a ghoulish character. But the worst part to this ghastly treat is yet to come, beneath the soulless black cookie lies a fortune that won’t leave you jumping for joy. But rather heading out the door in shame. Although the cookie is delightfully crisp and sweet, the misfortune can be hard to swallow. Each box contains 13 cookies, suitably unlucky for those who dare to take one. We love this unique idea for a frightful but fun filled Halloween dinner gift - it will surely provide plenty of laughs and entertainment this October. This tricky treat is one for the adults too, proving you’re never too old to enjoy the hellish holiday.

This eerie edible paired with wickedly witty packaging is available on Prezzybox for a mere £11.95. Give your unwitting guests a ghastly night to remember.