LuminAID – Solar Powered Camping Light

For those occasions when we want to go glamping, here at The Amazing Blog, we've found the perfect tool to eliminate the lengthy struggle of lighting a fire. Bear & Bear have brought us the LuminAID Solar Powered 12 Hour Inflatable Camping Light, an innovative and useful item that would come in handy on any trip.

The LuminAID lantern is ideal for campers due to its compact size. It's inflatable, waterproof, lightweight and solar-powered, so it certainly ticks all of the boxes for an outdoor adventure. In addition to these factors, the high quality battery is quick to recharge and has an amazing energy storage capacity, so you’ll never be without a light. Plus there are a range of brightness settings, so you’re in complete control. The light conveniently inflates through a small valve, which then causes a diffusion of LED light to protect your eyes from glare. What makes this compact light quite remarkable is that it will easily light up a 125 square foot space. We found the carry handle and hanging hooks extremely useful, making it functional for almost any outdoor scenario.

Whether you’re a festival goer, family camper, or Sunday trekker you would get great use out of this handy light. Get your hands on your own innovative inflatable camping light here for £22.