Munchy Seeds


Now, if our science lessons had begun with the kind of information and all around yumminess The Munchy Team provide, there is an enormous chance that we at The Amazing Blog wouldn’t have doodled quite so much and actually learned something. We’re fans of Munchy Seeds and in the dim and distant past, have written about some of their other products here. What we particularly like about ‘seeds’ is that they’re both nutritious and delicious. Whilst we don’t want to get preachy about the benefits of zinc and magnesium, we all know that the benefits of ‘munching’ on seeds compared to the equally beguiling pear-drop are manifold and preferable.

The rich nutrient content of these nuggets of nature is why they are an effortless source of all those vitamins our bodies need to boost our levels, especially as we get older. More energy, higher brain function and an effective metabolism all go to keeping every part of us performing. In this day and age, when many of the essentials are stripped out of a processed diet, we need to be keeping up the levels … and what better way than through the consumption of these delicious alternatives?

The Choccy Ginger seeds had to be tried - although we’re particularly fond of dark chocolate and ginger, so it was already a win-win situation. The revelation, therefore, came in the form of how good the Omega Sprinkles tasted - and the knowledge that we were topping up those fatty acids, essential in keeping arteries clear and the heart pumping.

The Salted Caramel and Choccy Apricot offerings need little marketing here, suffice to say they didn’t disappoint and were consumed in an indecently fast period. But of course, each little bag of goodness leads us directly to researching and tasting more and more. This, of course, can be done through the easily accessible website of The Munchy Seeds, run by Mrs Munchy (Lucinda) and her husband Crispin who we are presuming is known as Mr Munchy.

If you prefer to work the cardiovascular system a little more effectively, with a higher intensity trolley dash, then why not hit the supermarket aisles where the whole range is widely available. They come in handy packed lunch size bags, or larger sized tubs when the need requires a bigger scratch! Pricewise you are looking at around £6 for a Snack Pack of 12, or around £5 for a 475ml tub from the Munchy Seeds Website, with similar prices for the relevant sizes through supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.