Nail Wraps – Dinkibelle

At The Amazing Blog, we love to treat our nails to a professional manicure now and then. However, salon appointments can get expensive and can be taxing on the strength and health of your nails. That is why we were excited when we received a special delivery of nail wraps from Dinkibelle.

These are the perfect alternative to salon manicures, with results that are just as effective. Non-toxic and lasting up to two weeks, Dinkibelle Nail Wraps are fashion-forward and also help to maintain the integrity of your nails. Designed in response to a lack of nail art products that protected the nails, they are free of harsh chemicals and in fact protect the nails from damage whilst on. Whether you want to make a statement with bold patterns and colours, or achieve understated glamour with feminine pastel tones, Dinkibelle has more designs that you can point your perfectly manicured finger at. 

Try your hand at simple, stylish nail art with Dinkibelle Nail Wraps for £6.99 for 20 wraps here.