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At The Amazing Blog we’re always on the hunt of new products that make our lives easier, particularly for hands and feet. I challenge anyone who hasn’t struggled (just a little?) with either cutting and painting their own toe nails. Twisting and turning to get the perfect angle, to any onlookers it must look like we’re doing some very strategic yoga position instead! Enter Nailzee who have brought us two clever and practical accessories to take care of both hands and feet, helping us achieving easy-to-paint and gorgeous nails.

Nailzee was initially created as a way to help those with reduced mobility to help paint their nails. However, after much research the founder realised that it was a common problem where everyone has trouble finding an easy and comfortable position to paint their own fingers and toes. It all started from witnessing her teenage daughter staining the carpet with nail polish, whilst barely getting any on her nails…ahem. Did you know that that nail varnish related accidents around the home, rank amongst one of the highest in home insurance claims? The goal of Nailzee was to design an innovative product that will serve as a base and an anti-spillage (nail polish), double-sided to flip over and use to remove nail polish or to clip and cut nails. This is the perfect accessory not only for those children and teens beginning to paint their nails, but for less dexterous adults too.  

Made with recycled materials, there are two products (one for hands and another for feet), they have a comfortable base to lay your foot or hand, and a nail polish holder. Our favourite, out of the two is the Nailzee Pedicure which has incorporated a bar to raise your foot to help avoid spilling nail polish, placing your foot at the perfect angle to facilitate the painting. Nailzee comes is three different colours pink, aqua or grey and is suitable for all ages making clipping, cutting, filing and painting your nails easy, practical and hygienic. Get your Nailzee Pedicure here for only £15.99 or Nailzee Manicure here for £10.99. Such a clever bit of kit!