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Matis - Réponse Homme Anti-Ageing Cream

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We all know that to moisturise our skin is a daily requirement, and the earlier we start that process the better it is in the long-term, especially in a world where unseen pollutants constantly assault our epidermis. Yes an assault, whether that be as we go about our regular commute, or as we relax within the confines of a centrally heated or air-conditioned home. We at  The Amazing Blog have discovered the professional skincare brand Matis who have a proven track record in understanding this requirement, and have been bringing us their scientifically researched solutions since 1936… So their pedigree stands up for itself, and this is particularly true with their options for those of us with skin which, well let’s just say is the other side of 40, but still deserves some TLC.

As with all their products, Matis put the greatest emphasis on the provenance of their ingredients, bringing us the science behind how our epidermis changes, along with their thoroughly researched solutions. Particularly their grooming skincare Réponse Homme range with Anti-Ageing Active Cream  is the perfect example of this, whose main ingredient centella asiatica or tiger grass for those of who flunked their Latin, is fundamental to the formula which regenerates our skin cells. A tropical climbing plant which originates from India, it has always been known for its soothing properties - animals roll around in it to heal their wounds. And, along with sweet almond oil biopolymers, messenger peptides, hemp oil and the wax from our trusted favourite bee, we have the perfect antidote to modern day living, literally at our fingertips. With all those goodies, you would expect the cream to be somewhat on the heavy side, but no, this deliciously fragranced balm is light and therefore easily absorbed into freshly cleansed skin in both the morning and the evening.

For those of us who can’t pop over to Paris to purchase our Matis hit, this magnificent moisturiser is of course available online here currently offering 50ml at £37.99. This stockist currently has a special offer when you purchase the Active Cream, customers can get a full size tester of the Matis Reponse Homme Eye Care Eye for free ALSO If you enter the code 'matisgift' at checkout you will also get an additional free gift too!

Eleni and Chris facemasks : Glow, Detox, Hydration

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If you keep up with us here at The Amazing Blog, you'll know we're fans of the Scandinavian hair and skincare brand Eleni and Chris So naturally we were thrilled that we get to review all three of their new Sincell Face Masks. These sheet masks are perfect for a quick and easy pick me up for any age or skin type and can be easily catered to your skincare needs, whether you need some added Glow, a Detox, or a bit more of a Hydration boost.  

What makes these sheet masks stand out amongst the crowd are the pure ingredients that are only found in the dreamlike landscape of Scandinavia. Your skin will quickly crave unique ingredients like the cloudberry extract found in the Glow Sincell Mask, which is renowned for its ability to increase cell production by 22% within 24 hours to smooth your skin tone, leaving you with nothing but a natural glow. Scandinavian glacier water and SEA3Oil are two more key ingredients carefully sourced in Scandinavia and then infused in the ultra-fine fibres of each mask to retain the delicate osmotic balance of your skin.

The Detox Sincell Mask is also packed with grapefruit, oat and liquorice root extracts, which protect your skin against all those toxins and free radicals. Last, but certainly not least, the creamy Hydrating Sincell Mask is sure to bring back that much needed moisture that the winter weather has sucked away. The apple extract, cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid and sage leaf extract will instantly rehydrate your skin while also improving its ability to keep that moisture in its place.

These user-friendly sheet masks go on dry skin; no water necessary means one less step. These sheet masks give a great creamy consistency, they also don't contain any fragrance or mineral oils which is a huge plus. Leave on the face for 15-20 minutes, remove and gently massage any excess into the skin. Eleni and Chris recommend using the mask 1-2 times a week for good results. If you’d like to get your hands on these revolutionary sheet masks first, you can purchase them individually for £9 or a 6-pack for £49 here.

Eye Feature - Friday Favourites

Now we don't know if eyes really are windows to the soul, but at The Amazing Blog, we do know that eyes can be very telling! Puffy eyes reveal a lack of sleep, bright eyes allude to healthiness, and panda eyes say that maybe you had a little too much fun last night! As such, we have decided to dedicate this Friday to some of our favourite products and all of them are items that we believe really help our eyes tell the story we want!


The first miracle product is Skinshop's Dry Eye Concealer. If you have any pesky little imperfections you want to hide then this is the concealer for you. While it easily conceals any dry, red and flaky areas around the eye, it also helps to treat them!

The concealer is able to treat these issues because of two key ingredients; Cardiospermum and Biolin. Cardiospermum is a natural ingredient that helps calm dry and irritated skin. Whereas Biolin, which is a skin prebiotic, helps repair damaged skin by feeding it healthy skin flora, so it injects and traps a much-needed boost of moisture to your under-eyes.

This concealer comes in a natural skin tint that will brighten the under eyes. To use this product, apply dots under the eye using either a finger or the silky brush applicator and blend to achieve the best results.

Concealer is a great trick to keep the area around your eyes looking youthful. You can purchase the Dry Eye Concealer here for £11.95.

Eye serums can give fantastic results if you incorporate them into your daily skincare routine, and we think that NCN is producing one of the best we've ever seen. Their Eye Fix is a fantastic product for producing more youthful looking skin in the surrounding areas, which helps to make your eyes seem brighter and clearer. The roller-ball serum is a combination multiple peptides and actives, full of antioxidants that help protect and repair the delicate surrounding skin. Eye-Fix contains a lot of ingredients that work to moisturise and smooth the skin without making it too heavy. The stars in this product are Regu-Age and Eyeliss, ingredients that contain an abundance of Vitamin E and antioxidants that help protect and rejuvenate the collagen in the skin and increases the oxygen levels in the eyes delicate tissues.

This product is so easy to use and will quickly become a part of your routine.To apply, simply sweep the roller-ball around the eye and lightly pat into the skin with your finger. For best results and to start feeling the benefits straight away, we suggest using this twice a day. NCN’s Eye-Fix is suitable for all skin types and ages, and we think the earlier you start looking after your skin the better the results will be as you age. So if you are looking to delay the effects of ageing, then this is the product for you. It truly is brilliant for long-lasting hydration.

You can buy NCN’s Eye-Fix here for £17.99.

Last on our list is the Prickly Pear Eye and Face Elixir from URB Apothecary. The elixir is comprised of three oils; pomegranate seed oil, rosehip oil, and cold-pressed organic prickly pear seed oil. The prickly pear seed oil is a super ingredient as it contains 150% more vitamin E than argan oil. We loved that the oil absorbs quickly, and the fatty acids and antioxidants penetrate deep into the skin.

This product is excellent at brightening dark spots, fading hyperpigmentation, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It can be used by people of ages, as well as to address a multitude of issues. It's excellent for problem skin especially as the rose, clary sage, geranium and helichrysum essential oils help balance the skin's natural oils while encouraging new cell growth. You only need a few drops to cover the face so the elixir lasts a long time, which is always a plus in our books! To apply simply tap the oil gently onto the skin under the eyes and use your ring finger to blend in upward strokes.

You can get the Prickly Pear Eye and Face Elixir by URB Apothecary here for £69.03.