Ogilvy's - Raw British Orchard Honey

Here at The Amazing Blog we love anything that makes life taste a little bit sweeter, and Ogilvy’s honey does just that.

Ogilvy’s Honey offers a reliable, traceable, year round supply of 100% pure, unblended honey sourced from all over the world. Their collection of artisan honeys, 3 of which are organically certified, originate from New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Africa, India and South America.

Ranging from mild to strong, these mono-floral or regional honeys offer consumers an opportunity to experience premium honeys from all around the world under one label.

We, in particular, love Ogilvy’s Raw Orchard Honey, with its light golden colour and delicate sweet finish with hints of floral after tones – perfect on your morning toast!

You can check out Ogilvy’s full range of honeys on their website.