Oppo Ice Cream

The Amazing Blog team will never turn down a sweet treat, especially frozen ones as the weather gets warmer here in Chelsea. Too many artificial sweeteners can weigh us down, so when want something a bit more natural we reach for Oppo ice cream as a healthier alternative with the same great taste.

Oppo began when brothers Charlie and Harry Thuillier decided to travel 1000km along the Northeast coast of Brazil via kite buggies powered by the wind. When they started running out of food, they started eating local coconuts that gave them hydration and healthy fats and protein. With their new passion for natural ingredients, they returned home and thought about how coconut milk could replace unhealthy fats in traditional desserts, like ice cream.

After some research and failed first attempts, Oppo has grown into the company it is today. There are three ice cream flavours – Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate Swirl – in the collection, and each one is made with a superfood ingredient for added benefits. All of the flavours are sweetened with the natural, zero-calorie stevia leaf instead of sugar and cream and virgin coconut oil. These are ice creams you can feel great about indulging in.

Oppo ice creams are sold at participating Waitrose stores, so check their stockist list to see if your nearest Waitrose sells Oppo.