Herbal Legend - 'Philtre de Bellis' Hand & Body Cream

After trying so many luxurious lotions, skincare and bodycare products at The Amazing Blog, sometimes we want to go back to basics with our routine. Since our skin has been in need of some TLC lately, we reached for the anti-ageing 'Philtre de Bellis' Hand & Body Cream from French brand, Herbal Legend, for some much needed moisturisation.

The lotion utilises natural medicinal herbs like Organic Bellis Extract that are free from pesticides, so sensitive and dry skin can find instant relief. The lightweight, silky texture makes application a breeze, and your skin will feel moisturised without being weighed down. Its subtle Asian Jasmine scent makes it the perfect unisex product as well, so both men and women will enjoy the lotion and its benefits. We loved how the cream made our skin feel, and have absolutely no complaints about the formula. We noted that Herbal Legend stands out in comparison to popular aromatherapy products, since the botanicals in this lotion are new and exciting, giving customers a fresh experience. This is definitely a cream to look out for if your skin craves natural hydration.

You can buy the Herbal Legend Hand & Body Cream here for €22. Sadly, it's not available in pounds just yet, but we think it's worth the purchase.